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Terms and Conditions


The Client seeking business service will be referred to as the Client.

The Service Provider, FLM Secretarial Services or its appointed associates, will be referred to as FLM.

Terms and Conditions of Service

  1. On receipt of a proposal form FLM will send a Service Contract to the Client formally outlining their requirements.  (An initial consultation can be arranged if so required by the Client.) The Service Contract will need to be signed by the Client and FLM before undertaking any project and is an acceptance, by the Client of FLM’s terms and conditions of service. The Service Contract lists details of the task and any specific requirements (including agreement on timescales), together with the expected cost.  Please note that should the Client’s original requirements change, FLM reserves the right after consultation with the Client to amend the original specification and expected cost.  In all circumstances culminating in the termination of services provided to the Client by FLM the Client will be billed accordingly for all work undertaken by FLM Secretarial Services.
  2. The Client will provide clear instructions and expectations of their required services on the proposal form.  These will be detailed on the Service Contract and will be sent to the Client to be checked. In the absence of clear instructions and expectations, the Client accepts that work completed by FLM has been done in good faith and FLM shall be entitled to assume it has been completed in the manner expected by the Client.
  3. A deposit of 20% (payment should be made by cheque, payable to FLM Secretarial Services) of the estimated cost, or a purchase order outlining the project, is expected with the signed Service Contract.  An invoice will be sent to the Client on completion of the work and the balance/full payment shall be paid strictly within 14 days of the invoice.  If the bank returns a cheque, the Client will be responsible for all bank charges resulting from the returned cheque.
  4. FLM will accept no liability whatsoever for any detriment to the Client’s business, perceived or actual, resulting from any activities or works carried out by FLM.  If errors are found in the work received by the Client then FLM will be liable for the cost of the work only.
  5. The final responsibility for proofreading errors in completed works rests with the Client.  FLM will only correct any errors found in the work done by FLM and such errors will be corrected free of charge provided they have been notified to FLM within 48 hours of the receipt of the completed work by the Client.  FLM will accept no liability for correcting errors after the aforesaid timescale.
  6. FLM will not engage in any activities contravening any legal or moral codes, as defined by FLM and/or applicable laws of the United Kingdom of these activities.  These include copyright, plagiarism and data protection.
  7. Incoming information sent electronically and received by FLM will be scanned for viruses, together with floppy disks and CDs.  In the case of e-mails, suspicious files will not be opened, so it is important that the Client clearly names the files.
  8. Whilst FLM has taken reasonable precautions to ensure that any e-mail, attachment to e-mail and all files prepared or provided by FLM on disk or in any other electronic form has been scanned for viruses, FLM cannot accept liability for any loss or damage sustained by the Client as a result of software viruses or data corruption and the Client is responsible for carrying out its own virus checks.
  9. Back up copies of Client files will be kept for a period of 12 months, after which time they will be deleted.
  10. Clients should send hard copy documents via a traceable mail service, for example, registered post.
  11. FLM will ensure the Client’s confidence at all times and if so required will sign a confidentiality agreement.
  12. Personal visits to FLM premises cannot be permitted for insurance and safety reasons; however, FLM will be happy to meet with the Client on initial consultations if so required
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