Welcome to FLM Secretarial

Member of

Federation of Small Businesses

Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants

Benefits of FLM Secretarial

Cost effective

  • No sickness/holiday, overtime or PAYE/NI payments
  • No agency fee
  • No advertising costs for new employees/recruitment
  • No need to provide office space or equipment
  • No full time salary.  Pay for the service you require when it is needed
  • Retainer packages are available offering a cheaper hourly rate


  • Services not restricted to office hours
  • Weekend work is available
  • Overnight transcription service
  • Minimal commitment
  • No employee contract
  • All services are available to suit your requirements

Time Saving

  • No more unskilled temps
  • No training needs


  • Member of the Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants.
  • Member of the Federation of Small Businesses.